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We have a list of ready formulas that are effective and are well received by both professional and end users.  When we say well received, we literally means proven sales track record.  Your success is our success. 

Clients are able to pick and choose individual product that best suit their brand objective.

Product types include:
- cleanser
- toner
- serum
- gel
- mask  

Product range include:
- whitening
- exfoliating
- hydrating
- pigment
- acne
- soothing and so on.....


In a sea of packaging variety, we understand that it may be tough for clients to choose the right  packaging.  Fret not, we are here to help.  Over the years in the business, we have learned what works and what not, and we are here to impart that experience and knowledge, so you don't have to go through what we went through. Listed below are some that we have stringently selected 

150ml/ 200ml Bottles with Pump 

150ml / 200ml Bottles with Spray

Serum / Gel 
15ml/ 30ml/ 50ml Bottle with Pump

Gel / Cream 
30gm/ 50gm Jar


We understand the many challenges faced by startups, smaller scale beauty salon owners, online beauty shop and other new venture, especially in current economic situation, where there are much uncertainties.    

To support our clients, we have lowered our minimum order to probably one of the lowest in the market. This is to ease your burden and reduce the risk of your new project to the lowest. 

When all details are confirmed,  production will take just a few weeks, and you are on your way to be a proud owner of your own skincare brand


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